How ready are you for the striking facts in the world of brands? What if we said that religion and sex are some of the main reasons why brands are rapidly gaining influence? This is according to TV producer Alex Riley in an article on BBC. The examples he provides are utterly striking:

For example, Sony’s decision not to allow erotic films to use the Betamax format in the 1980s led to the downfall of Betamax. The industry opted for the competing VHS technology instead, and Betamax couldn’t keep up. Another example highlights that when a group of neurologists conducted brain MRI scans of Apple fans, they found that the areas in the brain affected by Apple coincided with the reactions of religious people to religious images. We mention these examples to emphasize that we always think one step ahead and use scientific approaches in our suggestions or strategies. But we always remember that we are addressing human beings. That’s why, in our consultancy work, we take a human-centric approach and consider all processes from this perspective.

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